Services: Support

Let our years of experience in the cultural heritage domain be an advantage to you.

We can eliminate technical hurdles and help you think through strategies and their effects. We can aid you in pre-studies and technical analysis, or kickstart your projects.

  • Kickstarting

    Delving can help to accelerate and ease the process of getting the data from where it is now and transforming it for online publication.

    Kickstarting the process with personal attention has proven to be the least expensive approach.

    Since our beginnings within the Europeana project, we have built up a wealth of experience by getting our hands dirty with the practical challenges involved.

  • Strategy and Analysis

    During our years in the cultural heritage sector we have seen many projects come and go, leaving no trace of improvement in the source data as they pass.

    We can help you avoid substandard choices and establish future-safe strategies so that you can focus on the people and the culture rather than the info-technology.

    We know the economics of this sector and we appreciate the challenges you face. At the same time, we know what is necessary to make this technology work for you.

    Strategy and Analysis
  • Support Credits

    The way we create a support relationship with data providers and aggregators is through the purchase of Delving Credits.

    Credits can be spent in ways which are tailored to the needs of individual customers, and whenever things come up which need attention.


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