The Delving Platform: Rich API

Build interactive mashups, mobile applications and attractive web-sites thanks to our powerful API.

Developers of people-facing applications in browsers or on mobile devices need a straightforward and well-documented Application Programmer's Interface to work with. The API provided by the Culture-Hub is designed carefully to make the developer's life easier by responding to queries with complete and easily integrated JSON or XML results.

  • We do the hard part

    Focus on developing your application and don't loose time with boilerplate functionality. The API takes care of tricky aspects such as paging and navigation breadcrumbs.

  • Built-in documentation

    Thanks to the elaborate "explain" functionality, the API is self-documented, even returning samples from the live data.

  • Many formats

    The search results can be rendered in XML and JSON, but also in KML and other flavours such as Simile-P.

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