The Delving Platform: How Delving can benefit your organization

The open source Delving Platform was built to tackle the challenges that everyone in cultural heritage faces in ways that promote interoperability and best practices once and for all.

Almost more important, however, is the direction in which the platform is moving. We are dedicated to building an infrastructure which allows everyone to efficiently make improvements to their data. We have partnered with key people from the academic community to advance our tools and our thinking so that together we can take a measured scientific approach to finding ways to enrich data.

  • For Aggregators

    With the SIP-Creator and Culture-Hub you will be able to map and publish metadata online in the various standard formats such as MODS, ESE, LIDO, EAD, EDM, etc.

    Our platform actually started as a toolkit for metadata aggregators, and is currently used by the national culture councils of Norway and the Netherlands, as well as several regional aggregators.

  • For Museums

    Museums need to make their metadata searchable and publish their digital objects online. For those with an existing website and web development partner, the platform offers a rich search, navigation, and retrieval API (Application Programmers Interface).

    The API is specially designed to make the web or mobile app developer's work easy by including ready-made features like paging, navigation breadcrumbs, and thumbnail caching.

  • For Metadata Managers

    The biggest challenge with metadata is to transform the data stored by in-house registration systems into records compliant with widely-accepted standards. Mapping data is often done using tools like XSLT, but the amount of work to build and maintain such a mapping has proven for many to be a burden.

    The Delving SIP-Creator has already been used extensively by some large players to solve this kind of mapping challenge very effectively, and the results can be put online via the OAI-PMH protocol.

    Metadata Managers
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