The Delving Platform: Culture-Hub

The Culture-Hub platform brings your data online and makes it come alive via a set of rich APIs.

Our experience of cultural heritage online is changing quickly because we keep finding new ways to view and interact with it. To make sure all options remain open, the Culture-Hub separates off the people-facing part and instead provides an API for behind the scenes. Developers can easily build websites as well as mobile apps etc against the same solid infrastructure, and they know that it just works.

  • Scalable

    The Delving Culture-Hub is built on top of state-of-the-art technologies such as the TypeSafe stack. Designed with scalability in mind, the Culture-Hub is able to serve a large number of requests without breaking a sweat.

  • Searchable

    By leveraging the ultra-fast Lucene-based SOLR search server the Culture-Hub makes your data searchable and browseable in many ways via facetted search. The output can be rendered in many formats (XML, JSON, KML) so as to display it accordingly.

  • Simple Access Control

    Thanks to its simple access control mechanism it is possible to control exactly who has access to which of the administrative functionality. Also resources such as DataSets can be provided only for specific groups.

  • Multilingual CMS

    The built-in Content Management System offers a simple way of publishing custom pages and uploading images on the Culture-Hub.

  • OAI-PMH Server

    The Culture-Hub can function as OAI-PMH server out-of-the box in just a few clicks. Restrict the access to specific formats as you want via the use of secure harvesting keys.

  • Rich API

    Thanks to its rich API all the data is accessible via REST, so as to build custom applications on top of it.

  • Extensible

    The Culture-Hub is a plugin-based platform, making it easy to extend its functionality at will.

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