The Delving Platform: Delving Instant

With our embedded Delving Instant technology you can have a responsive interactive search site online quickly and easily.

All you have to do is add a handful of markers to a single HTML page, and suddenly you have fast search and faceted navigation of your content. Javascript and CSS do all the heavy lifting, leveraging the Hub's rich API to bring your collections to life.

  • Branding

    Using the Delving Instant as a front end for your online collections is fast and easy. Surround the search and display pages with your own brand-style, images and texts to make the Delving Instant all your own. Use it in existing websites, blogs as Wordpress etc to add high-performance search and discovery interaction while still maintaining brand identity.

  • Thematic Exhibitions

    The Delving Instant makes it easy for you to present an individual collection, a group of collections or some other cross-section of the available metadata. You bring the collections you want into focus.

  • Extremely Configurable

    You want to be able to decide what to show and how to show it. The Delving Instant gives you plenty of configuration options to do just that. Ranging from metadata fields and display labels, to thumbnails widths and result layouts.

    Delving Instant
  • Extensive Documentation

    An accompanying "readme" file gives you elaborate instructions about setting up a Delving Instant website. It explains all the setup steps and configuration options, giving you all the information you need to showcase your collections in style.

    Delving Instant
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