The Delving Platform: SIP-Creator

Getting your metadata online means delivering it in formats that others can understand and use.

The Delving SIP-Creator was built to meet this challenge by empowering the people who know the data to build their own mappings quickly and effectively. With this tool you can make informed decisions about how your data is to appear online, and you can take control.

  • Import

    The application imports XML files regardless of their structure or schema, sometimes even direct database dumps. It can also harvest datasets using the OAI-PMH protocol and import CSV data.

  • Analyze

    With the data imported, the SIP-Creator quickly analyzes the data and provides a wealth of statistical analysis in the form of histograms and graphs. This gives the domain expert insights, often for the first time, of what the data looks like as a whole, and on the field level.

  • Map

    Then the mapping is built step-by-step, with each element of the target format displaying documentation about its meaning and usage, and with the source data statistics available to show what is contained in the fields.

  • Refine

    In corner cases the SIP-Creator really shines because transformations are done by the rich Groovy programming language.

  • Functions

    Whenever some transformation code is used in more than one place, it makes sense to build a function to handle the work. Functions in the SIP-Creator are built in the context of a test which gives input and shows live output as changes are made.

  • Validate

    When the mapping is complete the entire source data is validated against the target format’s XSD schema. In the event of an invalid record, the SIP-Creator jumps right to it and gives you a chance to fix it specifically.

  • Upload

    The SIP-Creator then handles uploading of compressed source data along with mapping instructions to the Culture-Hub.

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